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Garden Rooms

Garden Rooms in Bath, Bristol and the South West | Local Domestic Builders

Are you tired of looking out at your garden and feeling there’s something missing? Imagine how improved life could be with a bespoke room designed for you to enjoy your garden optimally, up close and in comfort. On this page, let us tell you all about the process and the abundant opportunities with installing a garden room.

Read our customer testimonials for even more insight. Our domestic builders offer services to upgrade and maximise the potential of any garden across Bristol and Bath, improving quality of life and adding value to homes. 

All our services, such as garage conversions, house extensions, loft conversions, property renovations, nature-watching lodges and more will be sure to benefit you, as such features automatically increase the value of your home on the property market if you are looking to sell. You can trust our new home builders at MRP Construction to get any project completed immaculately. For now, read on to discover why residents of Bath and Bristol are so keen on our garden rooms.

Garden Buildings | What’s on Offer

The types of garden builds we offer vary, largely depending on your personal tastes. Whether you are interested in having your own garden office, nature-watching lodge or garden bar, our domestic builders are proud to offer a variety of style options, colours and material textures to meet your preferences.

For your benefit, we have outlined some of the key stages of the construction process and features available to you, so you know what to expect.

  • A free consultation and no-obligation quote is provided when you contact us to ask any questions and tell us about your vision for your garden room.

  • On agreement of quote and a scheduled start time, works commence with measuring the space and size of the area, and sourcing all the necessary materials. Every garden unit is built with a bespoke design and fitted accordingly. 

  • We create raft foundations which can be installed depending on the ground type at your property. Contact us for more information regarding this. Our team can also install metal feet systems to hold the weight of your garden building. All floors to be fitted will have a minimum depth of 22ml, and material options include laminate or carpet. We use the chosen material, covering over the top structural floor installed. Additionally, there is an option of underfloor heating should you desire. 

  • We install timbers for structure, with the option of insulation to be fitted for all walls, as well as wall heaters. WCs can also be installed and fully fitted if required. Flat roofs are then to sit on top or the finished design, with a single ply system on top. All doors and windows are to be fitted, and cladding can also be provided.

  • We leave your property immaculate when the is project complete, and you satisfied with the result!

Our friendly and professional manner, dedicated customer focus and attention to detail sets us apart. Our domestic builders offer excellent workmanship to meets your high expectations when it comes to constructing quality garden buildings in Bath and Bristol.

Designed with You in Mind

Garden rooms allow for you to nature-watch, socialise with friends and family, and generally enjoy the peace and tranquillity of your outdoor areas in the comfort and luxury of a dedicated indoor space. We can make it as practical or cosy as you wish, designing it with you in mind. You may enjoy using this additional room as your own garden office, personal bar or arts and crafts studio. Exciting and creative options for use include:

  • Outdoor Garden Office

  • Garden Bar

  • Bird-Watching Room

  • Nature-Watching Lodge

  • Garden Studio

  • Garden Crafts Room

If you are looking for more information on the build and installation of beautiful, bespoke garden rooms at your property in Bath, Bristol and any of the surrounding areas, please contact us today. One of our friendly team will be more than happy to get all your questions answered with our helpful expert knowledge and provide you with a free quote.

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